Friday, November 19, 2010

how to distinguish fake bobbi brown and real bobbi brown eyeliner

yes. i got scammed on ebay thats how i know. so guys, how to tell - 

1) the containers are different: 
LEFT = real , RIGHT = fake

the real bobbi brown lid is more matte whilst the fake one is more shiny as you can see. the real bobbi brown container is round whilst the fake one is in a prism sort of container

 the sticker on the real one is also more prominent. and its obvious the fake sticker is super dodgy lol

oh and the fake sticker might say 'made in canada' and the box that it comes in might say 'made in italy'. its actually made in belgium HAHAHA. cmon ppl, if you wanna imitate bobbi brown- at least get the place names right. 

the box that comes with the real bobbi brown JUST fits in it whereas the fake one has a rather larger box. 
please dont get scammed on ebay :) 

i bought mine for $45 at David Jones, it might be cheaper online at reliable stores eg sasa or strawberrynet

heres a swatch -

top is real, bottom is fake. 

the real bobbi brown dries way faster and gives it a clean finish, the fake bobbi brown NEVER DRIES. 

and heres the result of rubbing it hard twice.
yep what a difference. imagine what i looked like when i wore it thinking it was the real one LOL. panda eyes fml D: 

but yeah the real bobbi brown eyeliner IS EXCEPTIONAL. water resistant -i know because i cried while wearing it and wow did not smudge at all how awesome ! 


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