Sunday, October 31, 2010


window online shopping. the one thing i love :) things are the heels ive set my eyes on but gonna wait till later to buy ? idk :)

i want the 2nd one to be nude colour but black is still sexy =)

sigh stomach ache right noww eurghhh. ate too many wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli D: and i have a mozzie bite on my cheek . how gayyyyy its so itchy and red TT and i have a pimple growing in the middle of my forehead .. therefore indian pimple? sorry to be so stereotypical but i think only indians have that red dot yeah? mm 

sungkyunkwan scandal is good guys. you should watch it, i love it when a girl pretends to be a guy and then the guy thinks hes gay cause he likes her ahahah. love plot lines like that! 
hm playful kiss ended but i reckon iswak was better. BUT kim hyun joong was eyecandy <3 wait he stil is hahah

ARGH so pissed with sasa man. ordered from them and then order history says "unsuccessful order" fml "contact your card thingo" FK you im using my bank account not a card AND THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT ESJFMDJFNDS. doesnt even reply to my emails even tho i already received a receipt from paypal. cant get through to them by calling. if they do not give me the promotions ill kill them. well not literally but yeah == RARARARARARAR

Friday, October 29, 2010

more shopping :)

i did not miss the mailman this time. i jumped right out of bed and ran down the stairs :D go me! 
my lovely heels :D 

and yep i love them ahha cept the black ones are a tadd tight at the front but thats ok. "Beauty knows no pain" [for anyone who watched the tvb series] haha 

just placed an order on sasa yday and our total is just a bit over the normal >< $367 US NAICE [no thats not only my spending]. that calls for saving for at least a month before spending again. but i dont think thats possible HAHAH but yeah dont you guys think shopping online is so convenient and cheap? I THINK SO. love shopping online. sighs havent even bought formal dress. who else hasnt? im pretty sure quite a lot of you hahaha oh well- do that after hsc OMFG. ONE MORE WEEK HAHAHAA wait less. OMG 4 DAYS HAHAAHHA let time fly pls. but pretty screwed for eco oh well :D 

cant wait till sasa stuff comes <3<3<3<3 reviews on the products i get? MAYBE :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

more mail ? :D

i was dreaming sweetly when suddenly someone rang the door bell at 10am. i srsly couldnt be bothered to get it. they rang again. AND THEN I REMEMBERED IT MIGHTVE BEEN MY BAGS ! then i jumped out of bed to say HELLO??? but he was already gone and writing that little card to collect my parcel and slipped it into the mailbox. fail fail fail. WHICH THEN I HAD TO WALK ALLLL THE WAY TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STATION TO COLLECT MY STUFF. if only i answered the door bell. oh well good exercise

altogether was US30 from ebay. another bargain ? :D 
cant wait till my heels come ! i love how money can make people happy :D 
SHOP TILL WE DROP GIRLS ! and not worry about 3u. fml :)

worst day ever.

so . today was the awesome 4u maths exam oh how excited i was. 
NOT. hardest shit ever today. wth. buttt. in the morning there was some consolation as a parcel was delivered yay :)

it has a weird smell but thats the smell of a new bag right ? NEVERTHELESS. quite consoling. until reading time for the exam. i was practically shitting myself. i looked through the first few questions and i thought mm yes alright. AND WTF WHEN IT GOT TO 7 &8 ?!!!!! actually i practically skipped a lot. i expect a fail. sorry my fellow 4u students. im gonna drag you guys down SORRAY. sigh some cried. i wanted to. but nup. internally did. but ITS OVER FK YOU 4U NO MORE OF YOU YAYYYYY :D i have finally broken up with 4u wooh :) i heard 2u was bad too. you know what guys? im expecting 3u to be worse. fml ! 

BUT YES. after exam i said to my mum OMG FML I WANNA DIE. and shes like well its ok ill take you to eat pho and i was slightly happier. well not really , just satisfying my hunger. apparently jenny jin's stomach kept growling and made everyone around her laugh :D 

well guys, you know on exam days where you dont wear makeup- and then afterwards your parents take you out somewhere and you feel so bare. well i felt like that. so i chose a seat facing the wall at the meridian :) 

AND CURRENTLY I AM DOING A PEELABLE BLACK MASK. i look like im in the army :D 
yes i know i look sexy. LOLLL no actually its quite scary :) but its fun peeling it off. but gross at the same time. it goes on gooey and comes off like a sheet. awesome. and my skin is actually feeling nicer :D 
hm what else

OH YES. after english paper 2 i went shopping with nickey but then she went into that book shop next to priceline and i saw this 

it reminded me of shirley liang :) yes i love you bibi haha <3 
anywayyy coming up in the next blog ... a talk about bobby pins :) to be continueddd.. 
[reminds me of pokemon and dragonball z on cheez tv] LOL

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


well ! i was looking over my brother's homework just then and he had to match some riddles. Heres some that are quite interesting =)

What goes oom oom?  -  A cow walking backwards.
When is a bus not a bus? - When it turns into a street.
How do you make a witch itch? - Take away the w. 
Why was the Egyptian child confused? - His daddy was a mummy
Who was the English captain who came to Australia and never got a bat? - Captain Cook

my loves

WELL on the day of graduation i received a VERY awesome present that i LOVE SO MUCH from my beloved friends. GUESS WHAT IT WAS. i thought it was mooncake. but no it was just the box HAHAH. AND TADAAAAAAAAAAAA ! all the colours of the rainbow <3 thank you so much my beloved snoochie woochie ok ill stop :) but yes i put them on my laptop so it looked nice :D AND THEY ALL HAVE NAMES! then my beloved munchkins made it into a 18 =p and the letters on it says HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELLY. HOW AWESOME ARE THEY I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS! <3

 then i did my nails with intoxicated :D took me like 2 hours probs more since i wasnt focusing hehe

Monday, October 18, 2010

oh joy

i am constantly thinking about things that will happen after hsc that i seriously cannot get myself to concentrate in remembering my essays for paper 2. how shit is this huh ? AND I AM NOT STRESSED AT ALL WTF? i need stress to motivate me. but no, im rocking on my chair and thinking 'dw its only the hsc after tmr you will never have to write ENGLISH essays anymore yayy' wtf. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER NELLY. I FEEL SO CRAZY TALKING TO MYSELF. in 8hrs and 30 mins the supervisor will say PENS DOWN. i wish they would let us scream NO MORE ENGLISH ESSAYS YAHOO. but dw ill be screaming inside of me :D:D:D:D:D

hi, you might realise by now that my blog is for ranting. dont worry, after hsc ill be blogging about other interesting stuff. not only everyday life :D STAY TUNED ! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

i am outside the door

im sure all the yr 12s out there know what my title means. or did you guys feel expelled and exiled ? 

but actually i really liked the poem. how photos only portray the the falsifying appearances and leaves out the true account of what happens underneath the mask of those buoyant smiles. DEEP POEM I LIKED IT. if only there was a fb like button. 

and i feel sorry for the people who didnt really read the question and wrote two related texts rather than one. dw guys the markers wont notice hopefully. AH anyway paper 2 is gonna be hell. i can sense it because paper 1 was quite alright actually. is BOS going to slap us in the face with paper 2. 
WHY AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT THE HSC ? probably because thats all on my mind atm aha not really. 

BUT OMG AU1 = US0.99 HOLY CRAP GUYS. is that a signal to go on a mass online shopping spree <3  ? yes it is . SO SAVE GUYS AND SPEND ITS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME MOMENT. not really but YEAH before it drops back to 80c as some fund managers predict.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i have a dream

i have a dream that the hsc never existed and we didnt need to suffer all this stress.
but yeah i have other stuff to blog about but thats all thats on my mind atm. and its tmr. HOORAYYYYY ?

im sitting in bed with my biz textbook open. what am i doing with it ? nothing its just lying there. how am i going to bs my extended responses on thursday? derno. im just hoping for the best. 

tbh, i havent even tried my best during high school years. i kinda regret it. BUT ITS ALL TOO LATE NOW ISNT IT. because theres one day left :) but here i am thinking -3WEEKSFROMNOWANDITWILLBEALLOVER- hahah how awesome. but then these 3 weeks will probably be more treacherous than any other 3 weeks in my entire life. but then theres the consolation of stuff that i bought from ebay arriving in the mail like bags and shoes ! yayy. ill post them up here when i get them ^^ . unfortunately, ebay is a form of procrastination too but with the cost of spending money and wasting time obviously. time = money therefore im wasting twice the amount of money. im just confusing you arent i ? nah im sure you geniuses out there will get it. 

studying = student + dying. how true. but sadly i have not experienced that HAHHA well i have before trials BECAUSE THAT WAS HELL. allnighters all the way. thinking back the trials seem like a decade ago. 

lets see all these holidays- what have i done ? eat sleep eat sleep drama sleep eat. its a continuous cycle. im pretty sure 3 weeks from now im going to look back at this and go I SURVIVED!!!!!!!! but before that = hell 

lets fluke it again ! pls pull me up all the nerds in our grade. thanks <3

Saturday, October 9, 2010

WELL finelly ;D


WELL, YES! mhm so early in the morning i know. A NEW BLOGGG . wee :) 
well all across NSW atm, PEOPLE ARE STUDYING SO HARD FOR THE HSC. whereas im not. hi five to all people who procastinate like me out there :) dramaing all day and night. even my bro works harder than me. makes me feel guilty but oh well ! ive suffered enough for 13 years. yes its been 13 years guys. you know how people say the world is going to end on 21/12/2012 or something? do you believe it?  I DONT. BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE STUDYING THEN DIE SUDDENLY WTH? 
yeh anyway ahem. this is a lot of rambling !  

i miss my friends. i havent seen them for a long time. but dw my dear friends, we will soon meet. next week. at 9? on friday. but some on thurs CAUSE THERES BIZ =[ its total bs. no shit :) 

currently listening to Bad Romance- Lady Gaga. im caught in a bad romance with HSC RAR RAR OH LALA. 

for those who dont know me, please understand the title of this post. finelly = finally haha get it
OH AND MY BLOG NAME. just a dream is sung by NELLY. ;D i guess that clears things up yes? 

hello to my fellow yr 12s, do you still remember after trials ? how we all said DAMN WE GONNA REST FOR 1 OR 2 WEEKS THEN WE GONNA HARDCORE. i think ive rested for way more. and dayum yeah still gonna rest. probs stress is gonna kick in the night before biz. how awesome would that feel :) then nov 2nd- IT WILL BE ALL OVER.  cant wait :) 

oh and a recent korean drama(s) thats good? 
My Girl is a Nine Tailed Fox (Y) climax till the end ! seriously hottie in there No Min Woo <3 
heres the sexy song enjoy :)

theres also Playful Kiss where Kim Hyung Joong is in it :) boring the first few eps. but gets good ^^