Tuesday, October 26, 2010

worst day ever.

so . today was the awesome 4u maths exam oh how excited i was. 
NOT. hardest shit ever today. wth. buttt. in the morning there was some consolation as a parcel was delivered yay :)

it has a weird smell but thats the smell of a new bag right ? NEVERTHELESS. quite consoling. until reading time for the exam. i was practically shitting myself. i looked through the first few questions and i thought mm yes alright. AND WTF WHEN IT GOT TO 7 &8 ?!!!!! actually i practically skipped a lot. i expect a fail. sorry my fellow 4u students. im gonna drag you guys down SORRAY. sigh some cried. i wanted to. but nup. internally did. but ITS OVER FK YOU 4U NO MORE OF YOU YAYYYYY :D i have finally broken up with 4u wooh :) i heard 2u was bad too. you know what guys? im expecting 3u to be worse. fml ! 

BUT YES. after exam i said to my mum OMG FML I WANNA DIE. and shes like well its ok ill take you to eat pho and i was slightly happier. well not really , just satisfying my hunger. apparently jenny jin's stomach kept growling and made everyone around her laugh :D 

well guys, you know on exam days where you dont wear makeup- and then afterwards your parents take you out somewhere and you feel so bare. well i felt like that. so i chose a seat facing the wall at the meridian :) 

AND CURRENTLY I AM DOING A PEELABLE BLACK MASK. i look like im in the army :D 
yes i know i look sexy. LOLLL no actually its quite scary :) but its fun peeling it off. but gross at the same time. it goes on gooey and comes off like a sheet. awesome. and my skin is actually feeling nicer :D 
hm what else

OH YES. after english paper 2 i went shopping with nickey but then she went into that book shop next to priceline and i saw this 

it reminded me of shirley liang :) yes i love you bibi haha <3 
anywayyy coming up in the next blog ... a talk about bobby pins :) to be continueddd.. 
[reminds me of pokemon and dragonball z on cheez tv] LOL


  1. LOOOOOL NELLY! Nice mask xD
    Can't wait until after HSC...=(
    Personally I like peeling masks better too...but everything I find I have to wash off T_T

  2. Yay for getting surprises in the mail :):):)
    Nice clutch! Ebay? How much?

  3. bunny activity pack? ..... LOL

  4. one more week! then its all done :D and i prefer those ones that are peelable too.. probably gonna buy some from sasa hehe

    i got another surprise today! two more bags heehhe and this clutch was only US12.50 AWESOME :D

    and yeh totally reminded me of shirley liang