Saturday, October 9, 2010

WELL finelly ;D


WELL, YES! mhm so early in the morning i know. A NEW BLOGGG . wee :) 
well all across NSW atm, PEOPLE ARE STUDYING SO HARD FOR THE HSC. whereas im not. hi five to all people who procastinate like me out there :) dramaing all day and night. even my bro works harder than me. makes me feel guilty but oh well ! ive suffered enough for 13 years. yes its been 13 years guys. you know how people say the world is going to end on 21/12/2012 or something? do you believe it?  I DONT. BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE STUDYING THEN DIE SUDDENLY WTH? 
yeh anyway ahem. this is a lot of rambling !  

i miss my friends. i havent seen them for a long time. but dw my dear friends, we will soon meet. next week. at 9? on friday. but some on thurs CAUSE THERES BIZ =[ its total bs. no shit :) 

currently listening to Bad Romance- Lady Gaga. im caught in a bad romance with HSC RAR RAR OH LALA. 

for those who dont know me, please understand the title of this post. finelly = finally haha get it
OH AND MY BLOG NAME. just a dream is sung by NELLY. ;D i guess that clears things up yes? 

hello to my fellow yr 12s, do you still remember after trials ? how we all said DAMN WE GONNA REST FOR 1 OR 2 WEEKS THEN WE GONNA HARDCORE. i think ive rested for way more. and dayum yeah still gonna rest. probs stress is gonna kick in the night before biz. how awesome would that feel :) then nov 2nd- IT WILL BE ALL OVER.  cant wait :) 

oh and a recent korean drama(s) thats good? 
My Girl is a Nine Tailed Fox (Y) climax till the end ! seriously hottie in there No Min Woo <3 
heres the sexy song enjoy :)

theres also Playful Kiss where Kim Hyung Joong is in it :) boring the first few eps. but gets good ^^


  1. I LOVE JUST A DREAM!! but the jason chen joseph vincent cover :)

    p.s. hi nelly :)

  2. aha yes! jason chen and joseph vincent are good singers :)

    hi jenny =p

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