Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i have a dream

i have a dream that the hsc never existed and we didnt need to suffer all this stress.
but yeah i have other stuff to blog about but thats all thats on my mind atm. and its tmr. HOORAYYYYY ?

im sitting in bed with my biz textbook open. what am i doing with it ? nothing its just lying there. how am i going to bs my extended responses on thursday? derno. im just hoping for the best. 

tbh, i havent even tried my best during high school years. i kinda regret it. BUT ITS ALL TOO LATE NOW ISNT IT. because theres one day left :) but here i am thinking -3WEEKSFROMNOWANDITWILLBEALLOVER- hahah how awesome. but then these 3 weeks will probably be more treacherous than any other 3 weeks in my entire life. but then theres the consolation of stuff that i bought from ebay arriving in the mail like bags and shoes ! yayy. ill post them up here when i get them ^^ . unfortunately, ebay is a form of procrastination too but with the cost of spending money and wasting time obviously. time = money therefore im wasting twice the amount of money. im just confusing you arent i ? nah im sure you geniuses out there will get it. 

studying = student + dying. how true. but sadly i have not experienced that HAHHA well i have before trials BECAUSE THAT WAS HELL. allnighters all the way. thinking back the trials seem like a decade ago. 

lets see all these holidays- what have i done ? eat sleep eat sleep drama sleep eat. its a continuous cycle. im pretty sure 3 weeks from now im going to look back at this and go I SURVIVED!!!!!!!! but before that = hell 

lets fluke it again ! pls pull me up all the nerds in our grade. thanks <3


  1. good luck baby :)
    i have all the faith in you!!!
    see you friday <3

    p.s. i've been on eBay so much too haha and i've recently been getting my items though i wish they ALL came at once. that would be the happiest day everrr. also sucks how UK and US are having massive summer sales right now :(