Sunday, October 31, 2010


window online shopping. the one thing i love :) things are the heels ive set my eyes on but gonna wait till later to buy ? idk :)

i want the 2nd one to be nude colour but black is still sexy =)

sigh stomach ache right noww eurghhh. ate too many wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli D: and i have a mozzie bite on my cheek . how gayyyyy its so itchy and red TT and i have a pimple growing in the middle of my forehead .. therefore indian pimple? sorry to be so stereotypical but i think only indians have that red dot yeah? mm 

sungkyunkwan scandal is good guys. you should watch it, i love it when a girl pretends to be a guy and then the guy thinks hes gay cause he likes her ahahah. love plot lines like that! 
hm playful kiss ended but i reckon iswak was better. BUT kim hyun joong was eyecandy <3 wait he stil is hahah

ARGH so pissed with sasa man. ordered from them and then order history says "unsuccessful order" fml "contact your card thingo" FK you im using my bank account not a card AND THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT ESJFMDJFNDS. doesnt even reply to my emails even tho i already received a receipt from paypal. cant get through to them by calling. if they do not give me the promotions ill kill them. well not literally but yeah == RARARARARARAR


  1. hehe I love the shoes! Especially the first ones. How much are they?
    I haven't worn heels in agesssss

    p.s I want nude heels too!!

  2. CONCUR!!^


  3. i wear heels for like 20 mins at home sometimes just to feel good about myself HAHAHAHAHHAA