Tuesday, October 26, 2010

more mail ? :D

i was dreaming sweetly when suddenly someone rang the door bell at 10am. i srsly couldnt be bothered to get it. they rang again. AND THEN I REMEMBERED IT MIGHTVE BEEN MY BAGS ! then i jumped out of bed to say HELLO??? but he was already gone and writing that little card to collect my parcel and slipped it into the mailbox. fail fail fail. WHICH THEN I HAD TO WALK ALLLL THE WAY TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STATION TO COLLECT MY STUFF. if only i answered the door bell. oh well good exercise

altogether was US30 from ebay. another bargain ? :D 
cant wait till my heels come ! i love how money can make people happy :D 
SHOP TILL WE DROP GIRLS ! and not worry about 3u. fml :)


  1. nice bags! definitely agree about trekking it to the post office, though i suppose it builds anticipation :D haha and makes getting deliveries all the more worth it!

    btw, when sending out a parcel. do you know if we can seal it beforehand or at the post office? :S

  2. @Jenny, I'm sure you can seal it beforehand. They'll probably just ask you what's in the parcel and if you're sending it international, they might get you to sign a customs declaration thingy

  3. fuck, i wish i had a credit card
    theres this really nice vs swim thingy i want but sharron said shippings hella expensive so we're all gnna buy a massive bundle after exams to reduce shipping costs (sigh)

  4. i dont have a credit card either .. but cbf paying back account keeping fees etc. getting ready for summer angel ? :D

  5. You guys have heard of prepaid credit cards right ? But they only come in 100$ or 50$ and any more you have to order it online xD