Saturday, November 20, 2010

how to hang your makeup brushes

well michelle phan did a video on brush guards and putting your brushes upside down in a cup to drain out the water. well i dont have any brush guards so instead i use my own method :D 

 heres my brush after washing :D 

then... you get a rubber band :D and wrap it around the brush end like thatttt

then you take one end of the rubber band and loop it under the other end then PULL ! to make that shape <- 

TADAAAAAAA now its ready for hanging onto a hook so the water doesnt get into the brush head since that will ruin the brush. 

yay :D 
dw it wont fall ahaha trust me. unless your handles are very slippery? =/ 

try putting your brushes in a sunny area if possible cause that might assist in killing some of the bacteria etc. please don't put your brush with the brush head facing up since the water will soak in and loosen the glue or whatever  - you dont want your brush to shed yes ? :) [some already do by itself but yeah ahha]

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