Thursday, December 9, 2010

dr dre headphones

well i guess everyone's blog has kinda died since everyone is so busy partying and going out after the hsc. 
how chilled is our life atm haha not thinking of anything. NO STRESS. such is life ahh =) anyway i might do another make up post later after i tried out my stuff. i have to say, i was quite stupid putting on a mask LOL, but lets just leave it there :D 

hmm so whats going on right nowww. just got dr dre headphones. trust me , the sound quality is absolutely SEXY. blocks out ALL the noise around you seriously. i couldnt really even hear myself speaking. actually if someone was shouting at you, you wouldnt hear them. my brother was singing with them while i was laughing BY HIS SIDE and he didnt even know a thing. i even said YOU SUCK :D and he didnt respond thats how good it is. 

to anyone who wants dr dre studio headphones, comment below with your email address and ill get back to you if youre interested. selling them for 50% RETAIL PRICE. dw its all genuine :) normal retail price is $499. selling for $250
check here for details
many more colours to choose from than listed on the site.  

to friends, if you wanna try out the sound ask me ill bring them over :) 

ps. price may be negotiable ;)

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