Tuesday, December 21, 2010


well for some reason tonight i feel really emotional/moody/wanting to dnm. probs its another one of those random mood swings. and everyone around me is practically in some sort of relationship or seeking one or in a special one. wow how weird i feel. i want 2 special guys in my life. my bf and the other my best guyfriend. recently my friend showed me something that a girl said - everything she said was true: 

I want a boy best friend who will call me beautiful, and like my photos on facebook, commenting them saying things such as the fact he's proud to have me as a bestfriend. One that I can call up, crying about other boys, and him saying he'll beat the shit out of them for me. A boy bestfriend who will drive me around like he's my big brother, and kiss me on my cheek/forehead when he knows I'm upset. One who becomes friends with my boyfriend and one who calls me up to see what I'm doing. I want a boy best friend who will tell me when I'm wrong, and force me into fixing things and apologizing because he knows that it will make things better for me. I just want a perfect boy best friend, who will love me and protect me from all the other boys.

i reckon every girl wants a guy like that.. 

i believe i am very superficial. i even stop watching dramas if they dont have an alright looking guy in there. this leads me to one of the blog topics i wrote down that i wanted to talk about - Do Looks Really Matter? 

every time i go out with my friends i try to spot for some hot guy but truthfully, so what ? only like a temporary eye candy. id probably only see him once in a lifetime. lol my mum said 靓仔无本心。do you think thats true ? cause i no one has proved this wrong before ahah. i wanna choose not to believe it. someone or some guy please prove it wrong ?
靓仔又点吖。。sigh. why is life so sad haha. theres no one perfect out there i know but i still hold that hope. personality is actually very important. outgoing and social and funny or quiet and conservative ?  i choose the first. but you know, everyone is somehow selfish in one way or another so idk i want a perfect bf but not have any other girls like him? LOL HIGHLY UNLIKELY. uhhhh. 白马王子你在哪里? 

rich? cute, funny, witty, good style, caring, tender, cuddles, little surprises, knows what im thinking, knows what i want, knows what im gonna talk about, knows what how im feeling without me saying anything, comfort me when im getting crap from my family, just listening, holding my hand and telling me to smile when everything is upside down.

someone that can save me from this chaos. <3


  1. ahaha yeah angel i would like to see you get him ;)

  2. babyyy, i would be your perfect bf if i could! <3
    that girl wasn't describing a boy best friend, she was describing a perfect boyfriend. the same perfect boyfriend that doesn't really exist. i have no idea what you said in Chinese but i assume it was something to do with nobody's perfect?
    there's no point of having a checklist of the characteristics you want in a guy. you're not going grocery shopping! when you meet the right guy, his characteristics will be all you want, then you'll know.
    yayy cornyness haha... i could go on and on, forever and ever.

  3. jenny, all you need to do right now is whisper "let me be your hero" and ill be yours. LOLLL