Thursday, March 17, 2011


Helloooo ~~ three months is long enough for not blogging (Y) SO LETS GET STARTEDDDDD =D

ok.. chronological order ! december. i think that month was full of partying so i dont really remember what happened at each of them. just a blurrr. i just know there werent any hot guys. BUT NEVERTHELESS met these whole bunch of awesome nsbs after sab's cruise. the only thing i remember was sojin getting super excited and running back when i said that bibi was half korean (Y) 

first impression of -
sojin: wow hes krn =o and speak it so fluently as well. fml i wanna learn krn so bad. he had that cool, cocky attitude to him  ?  just walked off now and then LOL. at least not to us anymore so YAY :D HES GOT MY SEXY AUTOGRAPH ON HIS SHOES ;D

pan: sensible, mature, calm. i say so otherwise now LOLOL. pan loves waxing his legs and he has srs moobs.

ho: actually saw him at yr 10 formal - thought he was a crazy retard cause he was dancing to soldier boys " YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" and bouncing everwhere. has double rainbows on his head

ng: tall, laughs really loud, but still outgoing and friendly in general. SLIGHTLY scary ? rapist face LOLOL

kei: WOMANNNNN HAHAHA jks kei was ... wait idk i think just gay AHAHAH. KEI STRUTS HEHEHE. BUT he sings good !

vodj: this guy is small but damn big at the top. like titty-wise LOL

ramon: DOMOOOOOOO. looked half spanish right from the start. then he started dancing like buzz light year's spanish dance. ahha love doramon! 

and now we hang everyday at uni......... SO BAD! LOLOL jks haha its a fun group =) 
K SESSIONS! should have more of those haha SO FUN! wait until i get my voice back omg. why do i have to be sick and sound like a man SO SEXY! 

already had 3 weeks of uni ! so fast already fml quizzes and assignments due SIGHHHH AND THERES NO HOT GUYS!??! even if there were theyd be taken FUCK lifes so sad man. 

CTRL+F BF !   

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